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 Breast Screening

"THERMOGRAPHY”:  Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging.


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What is Thermography?

  • Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging is a non-invasive, radiation-free, painless screening test that detects changes in the body’s functioning, such as blood flow changes.
  • It is primarily used to assess breast tissue in women, helping to differentiate low risk (benign lumps or fibrous tissue) from high risk (pre-cancerous or cancerous) physiologic or tissue changes.

How does Thermographic Imaging Work?

  • Thermographic Imaging harnesses digital infrared technology, which has been safely used by NASA and the military for years.
  • Digital Infrared waves are harmless and non-toxic to the human body.
  • A high-resolution infrared camera is used by the technician to take snap shots of a woman’s breast tissue.
  • This image depicts “a heat signature” for each individual patient.
  • The software used is designed for stability and symmetry, providing each woman with consistent technology for their breast screening year to year.
  • The first test result is considered a “base-line image” and is used to compare future assessments for the same person, using the same technology each year.
  • This process helps to detect changes in breast tissue from year to year, differentiating cancerous from lower risk physiologic (blood flow, heat pattern) changes.

What are the Benefits of Thermography vs. other forms of breast screening?

  • Thermography has been shown to identify cancerous changes in breast tissue years before a visible tumor is detected on other standard tests such as: x-rays and mammograms.
  • Mammograms and ultrasounds are better for detecting mature, later stage disease.
  • In some cases, thermography can detect abnormalities up to ten years prior to it showing up in a Mammogram.

    Breast Cancer can take up to 10 years to develop.
    Studies indicate that early detection of breast cancer is the best defense and if treated early, a 95% cure rate can be achieved.

  • Thermography can detect early pre-cancerous changes in breast tissue, increasing the success of early treatment and prevention.

    Research published in The American Journal of Surgery, 2008 from Cornell University showed that Thermographic Imaging is 97% sensitive.

  • Radiation Free!
    There is absolutely NO RADIATION emitted from an infrared imaging device. This makes it safe to start at any age.
    Mammograms use ionizing radiation. One test exposes a woman to 100x more radiation than a chest x-ray. Ionizing radiation increases cancer risk!
  • No Breast Squeeze!
    There is no contact with thermographic imaging. NO COMPRESSION equals: NO pain nor any risk of damage to implants or underlying breast tissue.
    Mammograms squeeze the breast tissue, risking damage to implants or underlying tissue. Mammograms are often painful for women, especially those with fibrous or cystic breast tissue.
    Dense, fibrous or fatty breast tissue as well as breast implants or reductions are equally and easily assessed using thermographic imaging.
    Mammograms do not detect tumors well in women with implants, fibrous, cystic or dense breast tissue.

At What Age Should Women Start with Thermography Screening?

  • All women can benefit from thermal imaging.
  • It is imperative for women between the ages of 20-40.
  • Women in this age group have no standard testing and many do not find out that they have cancer until it is in Stage Three.

Thermographic Imaging has additional uses that are clinically relevant:

  • Documents injury or condition.
  • Help determine cause or origin of pain.
  • Evaluate soft tissue injury or nerve pathology.
  • Monitor the progress of current treatments.

Is Thermographic Imaging covered by extended Health Care Plans?

  • Some extended health care plans cover testing prescribed by a Registered Naturopathic Doctor.
  • At our clinic, the client pays for their testing on the day of the test and receives an official invoice that states: “naturopathic testing” and the fee.
  • Insurance Providers accept this format.
  • Check your plan! You might have insurance for “naturopathic testing”.

How do I book an appointment?

  • We recommend that you first talk to your primary ND about the best Thermography test panel for you.
  • If you are already very clear on which test panel your require, then you can book yourself an appointment through Mary Kubisewsky, CTT at www.thermographyclinic-kw.com.

Where can I find out more about Breast Thermographic Imaging?

  • For more information on the benefits of Breast Thermography versus conventional forms of breast screening, such as mammograms, please view this excellent discussion with Gaea Powell (Thermographer and Breast Health Advocate) and Dr. Mercola. View video here.
  • www.thermographyclinic-kw.com is an excellent resource for Thermography information.
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